Ice Queen RPG - Versions

Copyright (C) 2001 to 2003 - Angelo Bertolli


[2.1] Put Ice Queen under GNU Public License. Put all source code for the main game into one file.

[2.0] There is a "Character Converter" program to convert the characters from one to the other. Unfortunately, no one is able to keep the "Obliterate" spell if they obtained it. And most importantly... you can finish the game now.


[1.1] The demo version that is available. The code to this is also gone. It has improved menu screens for town and wilderness options. There seems to be a bug when encountering monsters. It crashes sometimes, probably on a particular monster. Version 1.0 and 1.1 do not allow access to the Castle or the Cave.

[1.0] The original project. The code and program itself is lost as far as I know. Basically it had an old version of the menu screens, and was created using my own system of attack scores vs defense scores. Other than older menu screens, the original title of the game was "The Castle of the Winds," but was changed when I found out another game took the name.

Original Developers

Angelo Bertolli, Philip Gutierrez
Angelo Bertolli, Philip Gutierrez, Oscar Lopez
Angelo Bertolli, Joe Doran III, Mike Kalata, Jake Parker IV, Jeff Querner
Special thanks
Joyce Galiette, Joshua C. Matthews, Edmund Allison
Created by
Angelo Bertolli